Miami Dade Transit Corporate Discount Program Terms and Conditions

• Companies will be responsible for updating their member status and benefits on a monthly basis in order to receive their benefits. The company is solely responsible for ensuring all information in the system represents what they are requesting as benefits from Miami-Dade Transit.

• Companies are required to submit their orders with approved payments by Miami-Dade Transit before the end of each month for benefits the subsequent month. In addition, an email notification will be sent out on the 2nd, 8th, 14th, and 20th of the month as a reminder of this policy. (Note: Parking is not guaranteed to be delivered before the end of the month when orders are placed after the 15th.)

• Credit Card payments will be confirmed immediately via Miami-Dade County’s payment gateway. An immediate approval or denial will take place at the time of payment in the system. An email notification will be delivered to the company stating the result of the transaction. Miami Dade Transit will not deliver any orders until full payment has been made.

• ACH payments are handled by Miami-Dade County’s payment gateway through a nightly batch process, which will approve or decline the transfer of funds to Miami Dade Transit. This ACH process, will allow Miami Dade Transit the authority to submit the ACH transaction on the company’s behalf for the amount stated on the order invoice. An email notification will be delivered when the approval or denial of the transaction has been completed. Miami Dade Transit will not process any orders until full payment has been made.